I expected a bigger difference than I heard. I expect that from vinyl playback; I never expected to hear it in my home on CD. More like a piece of art than a techie geek fest. I think when Mike and John were describing the voluminous space and how well it was defined, I think part of what they were hearing was the magnificent job of rendering the microscopic molecules of the sometimes thousands of reverberant reflections; long, short, wide, narrow, loud and soft bouncing off everything from the microphone itself to walls, lighting fixtures, rugs and even people that constitute ambient audio. I heard every intake of breath; the way he controlled the sound of his instrument.

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An upgraded cable is a ust for digital things. More like a piece of art than a techie geek fest.

Eastern Electric Minimax Dac discrete opamp upgrade by Philippe G. – Burson Audio

Chief among these is a switch that gives the user the option to choose on the fly, I might add between an op-amp analog output and a true vacuum tube analog output. Bad recordings will be uncloaked and great recordings will be exulted.

Another important attribute of the EE DAC is its ability mlnimax accurately portray tonal colors and timbre. However, the DAC does have a few interesting and potentially useful features. This netted a wish list for an affordable high-performance DAC as a component category that’s wildly popular for minimmax reasons.

Furthermore, the ULN-2 employs an excellent clock, and thus serves as an initial filter for incoming jitter. Again, my only real gripe with the USB implementation is its inability to deal with high-resolution files. My wife might even call me a specialist in that regard. A few days later, the new Qsonix arrived with its upgraded Wadia digital circuitry.


Apparently, this newcomer to the already crowded digital scene was creating quite a stir on some of the on-line chat sites, thereby bringing it to his attention.

This is the future of what is possible! As the tongue presses against the palate, both lips touch each other, and we hear the air it takes to form those sounds, but only with well recorded music and great equipment to reproduce it.

I also noticed some small differences in soundstaging. Deep articulate bass with silky extended highs. He told me had already received one but wanted another opinion. To max out sonics for minimal wallet ache, cosmetics were simplified without affecting construction quality. Still, the potential of a tube roll gives owners something extra to play with after the novelty of newness wears off. I heard every intake of breath; the way he controlled the sound of his instrument.

I always use a top-of-the-hill Cardas power cable on DACs.

I didn’t find the DAC either forward or laid back, another unusual observation. In fact, I found it to be quite pleasant indeed, and possibly preferable for some listeners for certain material. Into the future we embark with Eastern Electric leading the way. Well, I lobbed a Seimens in there things changed quite a bit from the Shuguang, but the difference between the solid state and tube sides was still not night and day. It pretty much did what the recording dictated.


I remember well the early days of digital reverb in recording studios, it was only 8-bit and sounded pretty awful, but like all things digital it’s gotten much better where today an engineer or any hobbyist on their computer at home with the click of a mouse can get an almost perfect replication of the world’s finest concert venues with Impulse Response Convolution Reverbs.

Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC review (ESS9018)

Yes, technology will march onward, and digital reproduction will continue to get better, but why worry? The first example shows what the recorded ‘verb should sound like while the other examples show what typically happens when sent through a DAC, CD player or other digital source. This 32bit K DAC has been winning many award around the world. Reverb is also something at which analogue excels.

Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC (ESS) |

One would expect and hope that more money does buy higher performance. Upon opening the box, I found inside a manual, power cord, DAC, and a couple of replacement fuses just in case. Both the Lavry and the Metric Halo were wonderfully neutral rac ever becoming irritating or boring.

Back to other audio reviews. I was actually a bit disappointed by that. Both John and Bill said minimaxx tube circuit and it is a separate circuit, not just a tube buffer tacked on the front does not make a profound difference.