Please consider supporting my work, I’ll be very grateful. H2 2×3 Office Building Kastanienallee. Flag – Germany DE. Apartment 12F I HR3 4×4. This asset is only used with RICO! H1 2×2 Cornered Office Building Wilmersdorf. Commercial Low Density Lv.

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A little 2 x 2 roundabout subway station for your awesome cities. Cosy Wasch by bennymedia Updated V 1.

H2 2×2 Office Building Brunnenstr.

Cooper Lighting H7RICT 6″ Halo Recessed Light Fixtures 394509 B26

Treptowers by bennymedia Updated V 1. German Fast Food Trailer. Rebuild of College building from Cities in Motion 1. Berlin Tenement Eisenacher Str.

It’s a 1×1 commercial building H1 2×3 Residential Building Wittstockstr. I orginally made a larger “Foam N’ Go” car wash and basically took part of that and n26 it a simpler growable.

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You need DLC to use this item. Your game has a limit of how many custom items it can handle. Level 4 Tenement made with photoreal textures.


Old cinema no cyrillic. Stockholm Bagarmossen RL3 v.

The design was copied from a nearby school in our neig Schloss Charlottenburg is the largest palace in Berlin, Germany. Submerge your railway network into these reinforced trenches. This is a pipe factory that produces best pipes for your cities. Model density about triangles, building size is 3×4 squares.

Delux Dlv B26 Camera Windows Download Driver

I do not own any rights on Kentucky Fried Chicken and have only made this for free, n This version is not completed yet as I got to finish the rear and add some more radiator grills as well as a few more logos and side indicators, I am releasing it early because there aren’t many German double deckers and I w Metropol Hospital by andysave92 Cost: SHELL gas station ploppable. It’s an european styled highschool with a small gym to keep your cim-students fit.

Here the new version of my Outdoor Basketball Court! Due to plot, texture space and file size I wasn’t able to make it so impressive as Apartment 12F I HR3 4×4.


Community Highschool by funker The new highschool for your cities is here. H1 4×3 Cornered Residential Building Mommsenstr.

H3 2×2 Office Building Brunnenstr. Soviet style 5-story apartment block. Rossmann H1 2×4 growable. Flexity GT8 has 7 sections. You will have to bulldoze and replace existing stations to see the updated asset state. Trambuilding – One way tram.