Anyhow you must take a PCI card. PLease if somebody can help me let me know it. I presume you wrote me, right? Okay, I ran RegSpy. May I use these ones? I also capture regspy for you all to take a look and may give a help to me.

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I have xsus a little bit more. Thu Jun 08, The card is an OEM product based on the lifeview Auto-detect doesn’t know my card.

There’s not much cards for me to select on Dscaler front page. Card with chip SAA What do you think about it? Mon May 08, 7: You can find that here http: May I use these ones?

I’m pretty certain the same is for thebecause I think mine supports ntsc, pal, and secam. Thu Oct 05, 8: Thu Feb 23, 9: Why doesn’t the tnf have secam and ntsc options? Sun Jun 04, 9: As you can see on the tenas website, the tuner should support ntsc, hv, and secam.


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Sun Oct 29, 3: Everthing seems fine with unknown card mode with Philips TDA Fri Sep 08, 7: It’s a SAAHL based card, and no information tool on Earth will tell me who made it the hardware reports as being of Philips make, which it clearly isn’t.

Tue Jun 06, 4: I send an e-mail with Regspy details to the adress, but nothing happens. I also have the option of “kobian mercury wdm video capture dshow ” in the sources list, from the drivers I installed, but they don’t seem to work very well.

I also capture regspy for you all to take a look and may asua a help to me.

Driver download

Could someone help me? PLease if somebody can help me let me know it.

Okay, I ran RegSpy. I am also using Dscaler 4. PCTV Stereo from pinnacle is cheap and good too. Actually, I ashs in Italy.

Sat Oct 21, 2: I have a Kobian Mercury capture card, and the tuner is a tenas “tnfmff”. I can get more info.


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I think it’s interesting that the tnf is an option for dscaler, but only the pal version. Dscaler doesn’t find channels, and writes msrcur message.

There’s inside the chip SAAright? Let me know, please.