Newly ground and scraped ways, new x and y axis s Y center of pocket. In the Insert Off overwrite mode, new characters replace characters marked by the cursor. Available in all modes. Required Initial Z start point, in rapid.

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Hence, if you have a tapered hole and you start at the top and cut down, you would have a different major diameter than if you started at the bottom and cut up. If not given, the cycle uses the current position. Edit Help contains graphics and labeled entry fields to make programming canned cycles quick and easy.

Step until the program or operator changes the mode. Traverse of arm on column: Same as XStart above Continued… All rights reserved. Number of Spindles 6 Spindle Speeds 4 per Spindle.

Machine table electromagnetic with rotating chuck. FinFeed K Finish-pass feedrate. Workhorse Power feed like new.

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To cancel mirroring, program G on a block flopp itself. You must position the start hole at the center of the pocket prior to G and drill to a sufficient depth.


SK 40 spindle drive: MT 4 Compound slide swivel range: Multi Spindle Drill Press. Since absolute positions are defined from Part Zero, try to select a location that acueite corresponds to dimensions provided on the part print, such as the lower left corner of the work. Activate the tool prior to G so that 414 diameter is known.

Options are given for engraving on an angle and mirror is supported for engraving molds.


Width is proportional to height. CTA 8″ swing over ways 4″ over crosslide 20″ centers 5″ chuck 3 jaw Voltage: Max travel X axis 6. If not programmed, no finish stock is left. You can use G59 at the intersection of non-tangent line-line, tdavel, arc-line, and arc-arc moves provided a blend radius or chamfer is possible.

Specify number of times the macro should repeat n. In Manual Mode, the cursor rests on the command line. The location of Absolute Zero can be restored after a shutdown if the machine has the Home function installed.


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FigureG75 Programming Example The tool performs the following operations: Collet System Bar Traveel If used, V cannot be given. It resets the current zero to Machine Home. Current Z-axis feed rate.

This must be 0. P must be above the part to avoid a crash while positioning.

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This is used by the Draw function to present a solid model on the raw stock. P must be higher than R. Positive motion is table movement outward; negative motion acuritr table movement inward.