- 360 Photography
- Aerial Photography
- Web site Design
- 3D Modeling
- Particle FX
- Animation
- Mo-Cap Integration
- Story boards
- Concept Sketches
- Management

- Adobe Suite
- Microsoft Office
- Maya
- Mirai (Nichimen)
- 3DS Max
- Sound Forge

Military Simulations, Robin Hood, Stratosphere, Star Lords, Mechanoids, Scooby doo's Adventures, Roger Clemens Sports, Captain Novolin, WWF III,IV, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Robo-tec Football, Legends of the Ring, Clue, Mortal Kombat II (Conversion), Sea Quest, Space Jam, Bart's Nightmare, Beetle Adventure Racing, Baja Off Road Racing, Circus Maximums (Chariot Wars)




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